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Nadine Hennequin

B Hlth Sc Chinese Herbal Medicine

B Hlth Sc Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture)

Adv Cert Clin Practice- Liao Ning China

M Hlth Women's Health

Grad Cert Hlth Drugs & Public Health

Nadine is passionate about treating all members of the family.


She enjoys treating people of all ages, is a mother and has been practicing Chinese Medicine for 19 years.

Along with the traditional TCM aproach to health, recent study & exploration into the workings of Master Tung and Balance methods have allowed Nadine to observe and repeat remarkable and often rapid results for pain relief, management and restoration of movement and function in the body, which gives Nadine a wide and varied range of techniques with which to address health imbalance.

Children are a joy to treat. After taking time to build rapport and trust, children can be very responsive to very simple interventions. Nadine usually starts with laser acupuncture and children will often naturally develop a curiosity for needles... Depending on the condition, dietary and lifestyle modifications and herbs may be applicable.

With a keen interest in digestive issues and their impact on so many aspects of an individual’s physical and mental health, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine can be very helpful in alleviating digestive discomfort and other related symptoms. Also advising on practical and simple ways of healing through the nourishment of food, Nadine has assisted many people to change their eating to support their health and to navigate the GAPS diet for severe health issues. 

Often, conditions which are chronic and resistant to treatment can have an association with the digestive system. A healthy microbiome is really at the centre of a well functioning body and mind. 

Parasites can also be lurking in the background of treatment resistant conditions. Testing for these at the beginning of a course of treatment may be necessary. Then a program can be tailored to support the cultivation of a healthy internal environment, where the helpful microorganisms or good bugs are in abundance and working well to support your body and mind functioning optimally. This is the ultimate goal!

Nadine looks forward to supporting you along your journey to health and vitality.

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